We Are 138

We are one thirty-eight

We are one thirty-eight

We are one thirty-eight

– We may never see the insane high cost of being alive, if we keep relatively healthy with insurance to cover occasional mishaps. Yet, if someone (who doesn’t have what we have) develops – let’s say – a mental health issue, what then?

– Yes, “too many people struggle to pay for drugs and end up waiting to fill a prescription, taking less medication to make it last longer or deciding to not fill the prescription at all. Unless costs come down, people will not be able to afford the drugs they need, leading to poorer health and higher health care costs.” Why Drugs Cost So Much

– I hear ya.

– Do you really? I mean, if someone has to choose between paying for medicine or food or rent, what can be done? Are there options of what medicine to buy?

– No, we don’t make the product choice but our health care providers do. They write prescriptions for the drugs they’re most familiar with, based on the information they get from the drugs’ manufacturers, which spend billions per year marketing to them:

“The amount you pay for a brand-name drug will depend on your insurance plan; the plan’s formulary, or list of drugs it prefers and covers; the size of your deductible; and the deal your insurance company has worked out with the drug’s manufacturer, among dozens of other variables. How such discounts are negotiated is proprietary, carefully guarded by the system’s various players.”

– Wow and then we are told we have free will. Sure, free will to choose from what’s already being chosen for us:

“Pharmaceutical companies have become adept at coming up with strategies to extend their monopoly on a drug beyond the expiration of its original patent [… ] or by creating therapies that combine two existing drugs into one pill.” Why Drugs Cost So Much

– Right. But if you want – let’s say – an iPhone (if you have the means to afford it) you would browse around (if you have the means to afford the internet connection) and pick one at a price you can afford, thus creating competition that pushes iPhone’s prices down. In the U.S. market for prescription drugs, it doesn’t work this way; “other countries drive a much harder bargain with drug companies” but “the U.S. allows drug companies to pretty much set their own prices.” Why Drugs Cost So Much

– Indeed. As long as drug companies maintain their monopoly, they will continue to charge whatever they want for their products.

The pleasantries are gone

We’re stripped of all we were

In the eyes of tiger

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