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How to choose a TV stand

How to choose a TV stand

Guide to choosing a TV stand

A TV stand not only allows you to showcase your television, it enhances your viewing experience, protects your TV and acts as a storage facility for your multimedia accessories. There are so many options available out there just be sure to select one that easily blends with your furniture and offers the functional features that you need. Keep reading for more tips and tricks to help you find that perfect TV stand for your home.

Consider TV size and width

When selecting TV consoles, make sure you select those that are wider than your display to prevent unnecessary overhang more so if your television is placed in the middle of the room. Going for a TV stand that is too small increases the risk of bumping into it from the edges hence toppling it. Choose the right size based on the size of your television and make sure the stand offers sufficient weight capacity to support your TV.

Room layout

Having an irregularly shaped or small room should not stop you from getting the TV of your dreams. If your TV does not line up with the seating arrangement of your room, you can opt for a swivel stand that will give you the optimal viewing angle. For compact spaces, get a corner TV stand that will allow you to easily fit your display for easy viewing. If you’d like to reduce clutter and free up some space, the wall-mount TV stand is the perfect choice for you. You can also get a wall console that is more useful for storage.

Choose the right material

Wood, glass, metal, particle board, and medium-density fiberboard are the five most frequent materials used to make TV stands. Because wood TV stands are somewhat weighty, they generally remain steady when children or pets rush by. Many glass TV stands are sturdy and come with metal supports for further stability, but if you want to maintain them clean and free of cracks, you should save them for low-traffic areas. Particle board and medium-density fiberboard are less expensive alternatives to wood, thus they have a shorter lifespan but are still tough enough to withstand everyday use. Find more beautiful TV stands (

More tips to consider

Choose a TV stand style that strikes the ideal blend of style and utility while also meeting your space’s requirements.

The type of material you use for your stand will affect how effectively it blends in with the rest of your living area.

For improved safety and comfort, measure the width of your TV as well as the viewing height before choosing a stand.